Ah, so you want to see how I spent the majority of my spare (and not-so-spare) time? Welcome to the world of Tealin's sketchbooks, magically digitized and placed on the World Wide Web for your viewing convenience!

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December 2011

Updated: The Worst Journey in the World, rather substanitally. This is where the action is!

May 2010

Uploaded: The Worst Journey in the World - a collection of sketches relating to the Scott expedition
Updated: Utter Miscellany, including new categories for Othello and The Princess and the Frog
- Also Discworld and Snicket.
- A smattering of Potter pictures have found homes on their respective pages, but they're too few and widely spread to link to them all here.


If you want to keep up to date with new artwork, the best way is to check my blog. You're welcome to comment, but if you could keep comments to the subject at hand that would be appreciated. Requests to use artwork or fan/hate letters should be email.

I'm afraid I'm not that much into Harry Potter anymore so most updates from now on will be in Terra Extra Harry Potter. I may reformat the site to have a clearer demarcation between Potter and non-Potter but that will take time ...


So you want to use my pictures?
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I've taken to drawing things from book, movies, and plays that have nothing to do with Harry Potter.  It's very healthy for everyone to get a breath of fresh air now and then, so if you want to see some of these drawings, please, come visit this section!  Not only are they new and different but they're also better than most of the stuff in the Harry Potter section because they're more recent. You may find something you like.

In case you're wondering, Terra Extra Harry Potter means (in very bad Latin, I'm sure) the Land Outside Harry Potter.  I've gone exploring there quite a lot lately.  There are some very nice places.

When you click on the name of a character, you will see any and all pictures they appear in, regardless of who might be in the picture with them or what book it is from. If you haven't read all the books, I recommend looking at the pictures sorted by book so no crucial plot moments are spoiled for you.  There are a few pictures that are in the Book section but not the Characters, and vice versa, but I've tried to be as thorough as I can.

Most of these are rough sketches. In many of them you can see the circles and lines I used to construct the characters. I've kept these in as part of the creative process. Some of the pictures have been coloured on the computer. This takes a very long time so there aren't many of them.  They also tend to take some of the life out of the drawing, so I don't like doing them much.

All characters, concepts, plot points, and related things are copyrights of their respective authors and/or multimedia conglomerates.  I only claim my own depictions of them as mine, and give full credit to the creative geniuses who created the entity in the first place.  I don't do this for any sort of personal profit, only pleasure, and post them for your pleasure as well; in other words, please don't sue me!

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