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I tried to do Lupin in the train again, thinking that with my increased experience and the benefit of life drawing, I'd be able to do a better one this time.  But I think he turned out exactly like the one I did before.  Drat.  I shall require a model for this one.... 

Snape is really, really, really not happy with the new Defence Against the Dark Arts appointment... Although  the book says his face was twisted in loathing, this ended up looking more like mere contempt.  Maybe I'll give it a retry... 

I don't know if it's the movies' ubiquitous presence in modern culture, the slow evolution of design ideas in my head, or a combination of the two, but I've suddenly stopped picturing Snape with a beard.  Maybe he'll grow one again... I don't know.  It's odd, anyway.

Oh yeah, and something hideous happened with the design in this one.  Sorry... the next one is closer to how I picture him now.

"Orange, Longbottom."

Snape is displeased. Run for cover... 

You don't have to take my word for it, but in the original sketch, he actually looks like he's looking at Neville, not over his shoulder.

Dean Thomas congratulates Professor Lupin on his excellent gum wad expelling skills.  In drawing this picture I learned that the thumbs-up hand is EXTREMELY hard to draw.  The hand you see there took about twice as long as the rest of the picture altogether.
I've just realized, looking at these last two pictures together, that Lupin and Snape are in almost exactly the same pose... oops...

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