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In reference to Harry wanting to move in with Sirius:

"Yeah, I mean it!" said Harry.
Black's face broke into the first true smile Harry had seen upon it.
(pg. 379, US)

This smile is supposed to hark back to young, happy Sirius, but I think this drawing hints more at manic, loony Sirius.

That's supposed to be puppety Snape in the background...

Harry could see Lupin's silhouette. He had gone rigid. Then his limbs began to shake. (pg. 380, US)

Yup, Peter knows what's coming... Oh, such a dramatic scene! Run, Ron! Aaaaaah!

After getting such good results with the Sirius scene, I went a little overboard and coloured this one too.  Yay for colouring!  I'm not sure the "shaking" really communicates effectively but it's all I could think of...  

Click on the image to see the background and characters separately!



  Pettigrew had transformed.  Harry saw his bald tail whip through the manacle on Ron's outstretched arm and heard a scurrying through the grass. (pg. 381, US)

Another scene that might be coloured someday, if I can get over my grass-colouring phobia.


The scene with Sirius and the Dementors is more an impressionistic than literal illustration of the scene in the book.  When his hands are over his head, the Dementors aren't there yet, and when they finally do arrive, he's passed out, and evidently facing Harry (or the camera) because Harry can see he's "pale as death."  (see for yourself, pages 382 and 383, US)  So this is just sort of... how this scene feels to me as a whole.  (Being a stickler for accuracy, finding out my thumbnail was wrong is starting to drive me crazy, so I might just redo it.)

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