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And here we have a fine example of a 
Dementor which is not remotely frightening.

She looked petrified, and when she saw that Harry was awake, pressed a finger to her 
lips, then pointed to the hospital wing door.  It was ajar, and the voices of Cornelius 
Fudge and Snape were coming through it from the corridor outside.
  (pg 388, US)

Hermione shushes Harry so that they can listen to the infuriating conversation between 
Snape and Cornelius Fudge outside the hospital wing.  

These have got to be the worst-drawn doors in the history of my site; I am ashamed.


"I am going to lock you in.  It is " he consulted his watch, 
"five minutes to midnight.  Miss Granger, three turns should 
do it.  Good luck."
  (pg 393, US)

Try to ignore the fact that this looks nothing like Dumbledore ... 
I'm sure he ought to have a stylish and probably silver pocket
watch but somehow the thought of Dumbledore having one of those
bulky modern sports watches, with all those knobs and buttons and 
extra features no one ever uses, seemed quite in character, so that's
what I gave him.

Hermione sat down on an  upturned bucket, looking desperately 
anxious...  "Harry, I don't understand what  Dumbledore wants 
us to do."  
(pg. 395-6, US)

Tadaa, all coloured!  Believe it or not, this one took longer than the transformation picture on the previous page.  I tried to get the stuffy nature of being stuck in a broom closet on a summer day, and the murky lighting.  Did it work?  I've been staring at it too long to tell.

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