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He hesitated, and then held out the Marauder's Map too.  "I am no longer your teacher, so I don't feel guilty about giving you back this as well."  (pg. 424, US)


Despite the fact that this looks like a high school drawing, I think it turned out all right.  More or less.  It's a drawing I'd have been proud of in high school, at any rate.

Then, with a final nod to Harry and a swift smile, Lupin left the office.  (pg. 425, US)

Thus departs the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Harry's ever had ... 

Harry turned to look outside.  Something small and grey was bobbing in and out of sight beyond the glass.  (pg. 431, US)

Yes, this should be the last picture on the page, but for formatting reasons it fits better here.

Harry sat down in his vacated chair, staring glumly at the floor.  He heard the door close and looked up.  Dumbledore was still there.
"Why so miserable, Harry?" he said quietly.
(pg. 425, US)

I hadn't planned on doing this drawing.  It never appeared in any of my thumbnails.  But in looking over the text to refresh my memory of this scene, this image came across rather vividly and I had to draw it.

That's the invisibility cloak on Harry's lap, in case anyone was confused.

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Or at least... the end of the narrative illustrations.  If you want completely miscellaneous character sketches, or tiny scribbly drawings that are vaguely recognizable as the starting places for the drawings you've just seen, visit the

If you're suffering from insomnia, check out the Post Mortem - you won't know what it is until you get there!


All images 2004 Tealin


Getting four drawings out of the last two and a half pages of Lupin isn't bad, eh?