Ron Inspects His Shoe - 'Oh, it's you,' said Ron, looking at Malfoy as if he were something unpleasant on the sole of his shoe. Taking things literally again ...
¤ Weasley vs Malfoy - Showdown in the bookshop!
Ron's Malfunctioning Wand - It was never the same after the Flying Car Incident.
Dueling Club - Gilderoy Lockhart and his less-than-enthusiastic sparring partner.
OMG Fangirl <3! - Hermione gets Lockhart's signature. Get a grip, Hermione.
Whisper in the Walls - Harry hears a suspicious voice while addressing Lockhart's envelopes.
Arachniphobia - Ron fears spiders. A lot.
Singing Valentine - Oh, the embarrassment for all parties ... Me as well, as this is shoddily drawn and the dwarf bears an uncanny resemblance to my Grade 12 English teacher, which I didn't realise until long after I'd drawn him.
Wake up, Ginny - Harry tried to rouse Ginny in the Chamber and asks Riddle for help. I drew this after noticing how young twelve-year-olds actually looked and I fear I may have overdone it a little...
Enter Tom Riddle - Leaning against that pillar and flourishing Harry's wand, he's far more nonchalant than the situation calls for.
Riddle Mocks - 'No one's ever understood me like you, Tom...'
Riddle Confides - If I say it myself, Harry, I've always been able to charm the people I needed.
Riddle Twirls - Harry's wand, that is. (New design; see below)
Poor Harry - Basilisk-poisoned, wandless, and severely taunted, at the end of the book.
Riddle (Malfoy?) Jeers - Tom gloats at Harry's demise. In this drawing I realised my design of Riddle looked almost exactly like Malfoy so I had to change it.


Dobby - Infamous as the Jar Jar Binks of Potterdom ... oh well, every series has one.
Dear Diary - Ginny tries to think of something to write in her new diary. Don't do it!
Fawkes - Dumbledore's faithful pet (love the name!)
Lockhart - A really horrible scan of the teacher everyone loves to roll their eyes at.
The Burrow - Coolest house in the Wizarding world, whether or not the Malfoys agree. I did this in coloured pencil and never quite managed to finish one window...
Trying Innovation and Improvement - Some attempts at updating Riddle's design, after realising he looked too much like Malfoy.
New and Improved - Tadaa! I like this one much more.


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