First comes the rough sketch.  This was on my site for a few days, you may have seen it if you were especially assiduous in checking for updates.

This is a cleaned up version of the sketch I had here before.  I repositioned them slightly to focus more of the attention on Lupin.

Next I draw the layout, on a piece of paper overtop the characters so I can see where they are that way I can make sure the layout focuses the attention where it needs to go.

Then I paint the layout; now it is a background.

Finally I colour the characters to fit the colour scheme of the scene, and make sure that they belong.  I add the lighting to match the lighting in the BG (background), and to help the characters pop out a bit.  Then I plop the characters on the background, and tadaa!  A finished piece!

Prisoner of Azkaban | The Azkaban Project