The Triwizard Champions - The legitimate ones, anyway. Fleur, Viktor, and Cedric.
Bill and Fleur - It says that Fleur seems to have no objection to long hair and earrings with fangs dangling off them. I doubt Bill has any objection to the attention of a part-veela, either.

Frank Bryce - Frank Bryce: Muggle housekeeper, war veteran, and innocent victim of Lord Voldemort. There's a list at the bottom of the page of everything wrong with this drawing, but I won't bore you here.
Nice Hair - Bill meets Sirius: This doesn't actually occur in Goblet of Fire, but since I have few pictures from this book I though I could use it to flesh this page out a bit.  Since one of the few things Sirius and Bill have in common is the long hair, here Bill is being friendly by greeting Sirius with "Hey, nice hair!"  It seemed funny at the time... 
After the Quidditch World Cup - Our Intrepid Heroes meet Malfoy in the woods, at the Quidditch World Cup.  Harry has always reminded me rather forcefully of Inspector Gadget in this picture it used to be a lot worse but I managed to fix him up all right.  It was once so bad that he had a post-it note stuck above his head with that helicopter apparatus.
Voldemort - This was the first of my attempts at Voldemort where he looked halfway presentable.  Not good, just not embarrassingly bad. As I age and progress he is edging towards 'embarassing' though ...
Voldemort Redux - I like this design much better than the one up and to the right, but it's still not quite how I picture him. I'm not good at scary.
Winky - She doesn't look all that feminine, but then she is a house elf, not a human being.  Maybe they have different gender attributes.
Windswept Entrance - Every time I feel my drawing skills have improved, I try Moody again, just to see if he'll work this time around.



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All images ©1999-2008 Tealin

Okay, so you want to find out what I think is wrong with my Frank picture?  Well, you asked for it!

  1. His shoes are WAY too small, and don't look like they're supporting any weight.
  2. The wrinkles on his pants are all wrong.
  3. His legs are too long and the knees too high.
  4. Both his hands are too small, and young-looking.
  5. The arm on the right - the lower arm is too long, and it looks like someone took it by the wrist and stretched it as if it were chewing gum.
  6. The arm on the cane doesn't look like it's supporting any weight, even though in this pose it should be.
  7. Old fogey hats don't work like that... I have two, I should know.
  8. The vest is all wrong.
  9. His face has too many lines, it's a mess.  I should have made him look old with shapes rather than details.