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¤ Harry's Facial Enhancement - Just to clarify, Harry wants to keep his nose that way, because looking like Stephen Fry is cool. I never quite managed to communicate that effectively in the artwork itself ...
¤ The Best Pies in Spinner's End - The people in the casting department of the movie are my best friends. They put Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, and Timothy Spall in a drab old Victorian house together.
¤My Little Lads - 'You are my little lads, and I will look after you!' (a line from Monstrous Regiment). The Slug Club, with attendees taken from both the Hogwarts Express and Christmas incarnations of the organization. Another drawing, another Hermione design, and Blaise looks a bit like the saucier in Ratatouille but we'll pretend not to notice that ...
¤Rea's Fenrir - There was a rumour for a while that Stephen Rea might play Fenrir Greyback in the movie. I'd only seen him play burdened, reserved characters with a hangdog expression so I thought this was how he might approach the role ... 'Grr.'
Harry at 16 - I'm surprised how easy it was to age him.
Ron at 16 - Actually turned out pretty well, summing up the awkward jerky nature of most teenage boys.
Hermione at 16 - Once again flirting with a new design for Hermione. Meh, 'salright.
Harry and Scrimgeour - I was so pleased with my earlier design for the Leonid man described on Ms Rowling's site that I was disappointed when he had a small and two-dimensional role. Oh well.
Dumbledore and Young Riddle - This is probably my favourite scene in the book and the one to leave the strongest visual impression. Upon rereading it (halfway through completion of the drawing) I don't think Tom ever is in this pose, but I liked what it said in body language so I'm going to pretend that it was written that way. He also looks a bit too old, but I'm a terrible judge of age, so what do I know? Anyway, I'm rambling. I like it.
Merope Gaunt - Gee, you'd think I liked Brett Helquist's art or something. I'm not sure her face is 'heavy' enough, but she's got the frazzled, desperate look I was going for. Her far hand is supposed to be on something but it's too high for a sink or counter ... any lower, though, and it would mess up the action line, so I don't know what to do with it.
Morfin Gaunt - I realised while drawing this that I had cast Deagol as Morfin. Um.
Malfoy at 16 - Design probably inspired by one of the characters in a classmate's final film. I tried giving him a thicker neck to age him up a little, but I m
ay have gone too far.
Professor Slughorn - Likely stolen from a project I was working on with a friend which had a character that looked very similar. Sluggy's fatter, though ...
Going It Alone - Harry's avowal to fight Voldemort alone and not involve any of his friends, and their subsequent pledge of allegiance to him, reminded me very much of the end of the movie version of Fellowship of the Ring. [line version]


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