I am going to be honest right up front: I am heavily, heavily influenced by Paul Kidby. Mr. Kidby's artwork is amazing. Most of the time, it's as good as what I see in my head if not better (usually better) and for a long time this kept me from drawing anything Discworldly – how could I top it? I still can't top it, but I realized that I could fill in some gaps, or attempt my own take on some characters when my vision didn't quite match his.

These drawings are mostly from the Discworld series, but there are a few from Mr. Pratchett's side projects as well.

Of course, all these drawings follow the same guidelines for use as the Harry Potter ones. Please be courteous and adhere to them.

I've been running this page for enough years now that breaking the drawings up by year and then by book is just making things hard to find; I've now lumped each book's drawings together regardless of when they were drawn, with books in alphabetical order.

Most recent updates:
¤ 31 May 2010
¤ 16 August 2008

Eskarina Smith - A eighth son's eighth .... daughter. But she's still a wizard. She might look a bit young for eight here...
Esk Squinting - ... as she does ... (definitely too young here)
Morning After - Esk spends a little too long Borrowing an eagle and gets up on the wrong side of bed, as it were.
Simon - I'd pictured him, before, as somewhat like a younger Ponder Stibbons, but upon rereading I actually paid attention to his description (!) and came up with this.

I'm not sure why, but this book took over my brain.
Moist von Lipwig - For someone who has no distinguishing characteristics, I had a very clear mental image of him. Astonishingly, I nailed the design on the first try, the glee of which is partially responsible for the number of pictures I've drawn of him.
Adora Belle Dearheart - With a name like that you have to live it down.
More Adora Belle - This one's better. (Drawn the next day.)
¤ Mr Tolliver Groat - Junior Postman (sort of). That's all his own hair, you know.
¤ The Matron at Lady Sybil's - 'The matron gave Moist a look that suggested he had just been found adhering to the sole of her shoe.'
¤ Moist Reacts - 'He returned it with a chilly (if weirdly-drawn) one of his own.'
¤ ' Damn, damn, damn! Moist shouted, but only for internal consumption.'
¤ The Shiny Postmaster - Um, Moist's publicity image? I dunno, it cheered me up ...
The Fine Gentleman of 1830 - trying to get a design for the golden suit (and spice up life drawing class)
¤ Moist says 'Hiss!' - playing with expressions
¤ Tricky Angles - investigating an up-angle on his hair and the effect of lengthening the nose. I like the longer nose because I find it gives him a more closed-off look, which is fitting.
Adora Belle, Hardcore - Lighting her cigarette with a burning letter. I love that scene. (What scene don't I love?)
Smoking and Sitting - I think this was supposed to be when she has skewered the foot of the 'friendly' drunk at The Mended Drum.
¤ Prepping for Mad Boris - 'Moist went into the building, ran up the stairs to his office, shut the door, crammed his handkerchief in his mouth, and whimpered gently until he felt better.'
¤ Nonchalance - Adora Belle keeps her cool in the face of the burning post office.
¤ Moist gets an Idea - The light dawns after the fire.
Mr. Gryle - Thanks to Silverwing, I am now quite proficient at drawing humanoid bats, and I have exactly one way of drawing them. The feather in his hat seemed a must.
Mr. Gryle Uncloaked - A face you would not want to meet in a dark alley, or atop a clacks tower, or in the Sorting Room of a burning post office with your back to a miniature parallel universe. Or anywhere, really.
Staking Gryle - I might storyboard and possibly animate this scene someday; it could be really cool with the right pacing.
Stanley - Raised by peas. Leans toward the light.
Two Stanleys (earlier attempts) - There is something about Stanley that reminds me of 80% of the guys I've ever suspected of having a crush on me ... that sort of quality that makes one want to run from the room screaming "AAAH! Stop staring at me!!"
Stanley's Little Moment - A parody of the famous illustration for "Jabberwocky" – the staging couldn't be improved, so why not do an homage?
Mad Al - He's Mad! (I swear I've drawn this design before but can't think where...)
Sane Alex - He's Sane! (apparently)
Undecided Adrian - Appropriately to his epithet, I've been having a hard time deciding what he should look like.
The Smoking Gnu - I tried to get a design for Adrian by putting the existing two together and seeing what would complement them. If only I could work out a nice drawing that turned out like this.
Miss Maccalariat - or Frau Shambers, take your pick.
Crispin Horsefry - "Despite his expression, which was that of a piglet having a bright idea, and his mode of speech, which might put you in mind of a small, breathless, neurotic but ridiculously expensive dog, Mr Horsefry might well have been a kind, generous, and pious man. ... Snap judgements can be so unfair." (pg. 71)
Reacher Gilt - I can't help feeling I stole this design from somewhere, because it was way too obvious.
Moist and his Angel - A somewhat minor scene in the denouement really stood out visually in my mind... this is the best I could come up with, for the time being.
Mr. Trooper - Master hangman, and ... so ... friendly.
Jim 'Leadpipe' Upright - The coachman is prepared for all things. Eh? Damn right!
The Mayor of Sto Lat - he used to sell parasols, I believe, and succeeded quite a larger man.
The Sombre Suit - For some reason, the idea of a totally, utterly black suit really tickled my funny bone. There is a principle in animation (and art) that you can't colour anything totally black because it will look like a hole in the screen (or canvas). I thought this would be rather effective for a suit that owls would fly into if you sprinkled it with stars.... (the scene I dropped him into is stolen from Hunchback – please don't sue me!)
Distant Euphoria - Stanley tells Moist that stamps are basically the same thing as money. (I like this one.)
Pump 19 - I know, he looks like a robot. The way I see it is, the older golems like Anghamarrad would be more anthropomorphic, but the newer ones would be made for efficiency, not art. It would be quick and easy to throw these shapes on a wheel... I think. Potters, please set me straight.
Moist Freaks Out - Moist confronts his colleagues about the unexpectedly recent demises of his predecessors. I coloured it for a rather bizarre icon for my sister. The head is pushed a little further than in the line version – still not as good as the thumbnail.
Maaad - I've fudged this so it's Aggie saying the line: 'My granddad said there was a curse ... it lives under the floor and drives you maaad!'
Maaad! - ... she went on, enjoying the last syllable so much she seemed loath to let it go. 'Maaaad!'
Moist, Peering - Upon trying to extract Mr Tiddles from under the sorting machine, Moist begins to feel somehting is not quite right.
Thoroughly Decent - Moist, living up to his name, with a brandy in the ice-filled hip bath in Sto Lat.
¤Murdering Bastard on the Menu - Adora Belle sees Gilt come in. I kept meaning to redo this drawing but never did, so the internet will just have to make do with second best.
Good Morning, Mr Lipwig - Lord Vetinari pays Moist a wake-up call.
Hope is a New Spoon - an 'inspirational poster' I created, based on an episode early in the book. Somehow I doubt you will soon see this in the office of your high school guidance counsellor, no matter how appropriate it is.
Clacks Halloween Costume - How to Be a Clacks Tower for Halloween (if you wanted to). For a further description, see my LiveJournal entry.
Express to Sto Lat - Moist rides Mad Boris (ow ow ow ow ow)
Iger the Tiger - The Disney purchase of Pixar brought obvious Going Postal references to mind. I modified my Reacher Gilt drawing to make a sort of political cartoon, even though this deal is better for both parties than the Grand Trunk takeover was.

¤ A Lame Gag on Casting - If you've seen The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse, then you might understand what I was going for here, when I found out Steve Pemberton was cast as Drumknott in the Sky production of Going Postal. A fuller explanation is on my LJ if you're curious.
The One Month Prologue
This part of the book created such a vivid scene in my mind that I decided to storyboard it – what becomes of that, we have yet to see, but it led to an extremely high drawing-to-word-count ratio.
John Dearheart Looks Down - Uh-oh, what just clinked? He doesn't look anything like his sister, but I find (surprisingly) this doesn't bother me.
The Shutter Array - The last thing John Dearheart sees.
Clacksman At Work - My favourite board panel. Something about the pose.

About a year after the first round of drawings for this book, I was watching some silly Doctor Who-themed short films that had been made for the BBC back in 2000 or so. I very nearly fainted when I saw Mark Gatiss in Web of Caves, but managed to regain composure enough, before the DVD was due back, to do some screencaps. I solemnly swear I had no idea of this film's existence before drawing Moist. He even moves like him, it's scary!
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9
I love this book so much it may be baffling to some, and even to myself sometimes, so I made a list of what makes it so awesome. (I am that kind of dork.) It got very long.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Needless to say, spoilers like crazy.

Albert - Death's assistant/cook/servant, and a wizard in his own right (though he doesn't let on about it). Did I tell you I am heavily influenced by Paul Kidby?
Susan - The first one. The first drawing, I mean. It was a bit of a departure in style for me, at the time.
¤ Susan, Terror of Monsters - That poker is deadly. Line version here.
Bilius - The God of Hangovers, though not how I picture him ... another experiment in a different style.
Teatime - Teh-a-tim-eh: say it right or he'll kill you. Maybe he'll kill you anyway. I tried going really cartoony and I ended up making him look like someone in my animation class. Hmm.
New Teatime - Much better, and less like my colleague ... I don't like what they did with him in the movie at all.
Another Bilius - Trying again.

Luggagina - The Luggage goes camp.
An Ecksian Wizard - Didn't mean to make him look so much like Ridcully but hey, no worries, she'll be right.
Camel - How did camels end up in EcksEcksEcksEcks? By clinging to driftwood, of course.
Mad (a Dwarf) - One of the odder sequences in the book appears to be a reference to Mad Max (which I've never seen, so I can't be sure) ... here's the dwarf known as 'Mad.' He's shorter than he appears.
Mad's Cart - It should have horses but I wasn't sure what size to make them, and it would have just been their butts anyway.
Another Thing - A pre-industrial Mad Max does lead to more ingenious propulsion. I don't have the right feeling of speed here, but considering the effort it took to get everything to reach a compromise on perspective, I'd have to start over to get anything more out of it.

My most recent 'project' has been to design the characters for this book, for the intent of making a lineup of the Ins-and-Outs. There's a fair number of auxilliary drawings as well.
Polly - All dressed up ...
A Use for Onions - Polly has a run-in with 'Roundheels' Molly in the inn at Plotz.
The maid drew closer. ... Polly raised the onions as a kind of barrier.
'I'm sure there's things you'd like to learn,' the maid purred.
'I'm sure there's something you wouldn't!' said Polly, and turned and ran. (pg 78)

Blouse 'Brushes Up' - Polly was no expert in these matters, but she thought she recognized the stylish, flamboyant pose as the one beginners tend to use just before they're stabbed through the heart by a more experienced fighter. (pg 75)
Shufti - A study for the lineup pose
Shufti's face - An alternate version
Lofty - Just her face, for now ... if you're concerned about her perkiness, just imagine there's a lit match held up in front of her.
New Lofty - Trying again, after a year or so ... here's another, not as good.
Tonker - In the rustic farm boy outfit she wears when we first meet her.
Tonker in Uniform - This'll be her lineup pose.
Tonker Doodles - playing around with her design, trying to make things more harmonious.
Wazzer - Possibly too strung out even for Wazzer ... or maybe not.
New Wazzer - I like this one more.
Shufti, Lofty, and Wazzer - Trying to contrast shapes of the three small ones.
Thome Igorth - Where would the thquad be without their truthty lurching medic? Here'th a couple trieth ... not lumpy enough, though.
Sgt Jackrum - On his oath, he is not a dishonest man.
You are my little lads, and I will look after you - Jackrum and some of the company when they set up camp after the incident with the Zlobenian prisoner. I'm going to colour this one (so much of the description in the book focuses on colour) but for now I've just very roughly shaded it.
Flashsides - Maladict goes to ground.
Cpl. Strappi - I'd never been able to picture him, but this last time through he looked somewhere between Clayton (from Tarzan) and the creepy guy from the café in Amelie.
Cpl. 'Threeparts' Scallott - Veteran of the famous 'leg rota' ... and somehow I can't help thinking of The Evil Pirate Captain Mel from Animaniacs. [thumbnail]
Thalacephalos - Blouse's 'noble steed.'
'Johnny' - Shufti's 'fiancé' ... and a cad.
The Duchess - The way she's described in the book makes it hard not to imagine Queen Victoria, so I kind of drew on that but didn't look at any specific reference in order to not make her look exactly the same.
Grey-Faced Soldier - apparently he's worse to see than an amputee, the grey-faced soldier with his coat buttoned up tight despite the heat.
A Rough Lineup - my main purpose to doing all these drawings is to finally do what I've wanted to do for nearly a year, which is to make nice a lineup of the Ins-and-Outs. Here's a sort of rough version of it, with what may be my favourite Maladict drawing yet.
Kneck Keep - I always pictured the Kneck Valley as looking something like the coastal plain near Bellingham, Washington ... but with a castle.
Deshabillé - Maladict being "scruffy, but with bags and bags of style." [line version]
Another Maladict - Yeah, yeah, this one looks like Malfoy. The one above is better. Look at it instead.
Lieutenant Blouse - He came across, in my mind, as a sort of human Dr. Doppler (from Treasure Planet). There are worse things.
Wazzer - If this were a book, Wazzer would be the main character. (Wait a minute...)
Um ... Blouse? - my first (and very unsuccessful) attempt at Lt. Blouse, for whom I appear to have a bit of a soft spot, judging by the number of drawings. I think this looks rather like Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. It was unintentional.
The Batboy - (not Maladict) Another attempt at Blouse (too dashing and too much chin) and Polly, who still isn't quite right.

¤ Reg Shoe - Poetic Revolutionary, though they have yet towrite a musical about him.
¤ Nancyball - Junior member of the Night Watch ... not quite how I picture him but close.
Vetinari and Lady Meserole - Havelock and his aunt have a discussion on the subtle art of camouflage.
Reg and his Lilacs - Reg Shoe, thirty years on. If only they all took care of their graves as well... [line version]
Carcer - Homicidal criminal maniac and jovial rogue ... did I mention homicidal criminal maniac?
Young Nobby - Awwww. Who could suspect such a little cuteypie?
Earlier Young Nobby - Okay, he doesn't really look like Nobby, but ... he has a spoon.

Dr Lawn - He ought to be wiping off a scary-looking implement, but I haven't gotten around to drawing it yet. I feel like I'm stealing this design from somewhere, but where?
Les Mis Crossover - Drawn for the Glorious 25th of May, 2007 ... Flash is a good program in which to mimic an engraving.

Teppic - Ever since NUMB3RS started airing, David Krumholtz has taken over the role of Teppic, to the point where my roommate and I now call it 'The Teppic Show.' This drawing reflects that (maybe a little too much).
A Previous Teppic - Looking a little too much like Lupin...
Ptraci - Sassy and relatively inexperienced scantily-clad handmaiden.
A Previous Ptraci - She might be easier to draw if I didn't picture El Dorado's Chel in my head...
Even More Previous - Just the head, this time.
Chidder - Looking, in my imagination, like a fancily dressed Fred/George ... kind of appropriate, in a way.
Dios - Okay, he looks like about 2,517 other characters. And I forgot his staff, or just didn't want to draw it, I don't remember.
Endos the Listener - The most understanding (and well-paid) Ephebian philosopher.

Some Vorbises - I've always had trouble with his design, working around looking like an eagle and not looking evil enough to turn off everyone who looked at him. Here, have another ... and another ...
Brutha, Exhausted - In the desert somewhere.
Scalbie - I like crows, so I thought I'd give the scraggly scalbie a try. It could go a bit further, I think...
Brutha, Exasperated - He's exhausted, afraid, Vorbis has declared himself Eighth Prophet, and he can't hear his tortoise!
Just Plain Brutha - trying to get a more developed design out of last year's fabulous thumbnail (see below).
Another Brutha - he looks a bit young in this one.
Looking for Salvation - Brutha, strapped to the metal turtle, sees his rescue coming from on high.
Falling Tortoises - Health and Safety regulations should have required this to be posted in the Citadel's courtyard.
The Desert Temple - Brutha seeks refuge in a long-abandoned temple.
Left-Handed Om - I recently did a few pages of Potter sketches with my left hand, mostly out of spite for lazy unintelligible netspeak, and had so much fun I applied it to Om as well.
Brutha's Radio Addiction - OK, I'm the one with a radio addiction – I modified my thumbnail to make this when I found out Radio 4 was doing an adaptation of Small Gods. (I love you, Radio 4!)
Brutha - the next installment of my neverending quest to capture the Eighth Prophet on paper.
Brutha Hears a Voice - Possibly one of my favourite drawings ever!
Brutha and Om - Brutha looks a bit younger than he's supposed to; I'm still trying to reconcile the description of his wide, innocent face with the fact that he's supposed to be 17 or so. All my tricks for aging people fly out the window with a description like that.
Doodles - Sgt Simony and Didactylos on a scrap of paper from work, which they share with Coin from Sourcery.

Imp y Celyn - Finally got one where he looks old enough and not like a girl!
Slightly older version
- This is not the first time I've tried to draw Imp/Buddy, but it was the most successful for a while, despite the weirdness of the pose.
Imp y Celyn the First - I keep trying to get him right, and keep failing. Maybe it's the Elvish. (I just barely got that joke, by the way...) Here's the first three attempts.
Cliff - One of Nature's drummers. This was inspired by the description of his glasses. The design may need some tweaking, but I like the glasses.
Asphalt - I'm not sure exactly how a troll (made of stone) can be squished by an elephant (made mostly of water) but he was. Now he's The Band With Rocks In's official stagehand.
Glod - This is the first dwarf I've drawn so really he just looks like Mr. Generic Dwarf ... but he was supposed to be Glod. He's got a trumpet, see?
Now That's Music With Rocks In - Pseudo-Glod again. I drew this while "shopping" for bridesmaids' dress patterns and fabric .. a far more enjoyable use of time.
Susan the Rocker Babe - Probably my favourite drawing of Susan yet.
Susan - As she first appears in Soul Music, aged 16, in her lovely school uniform. [line version]

Conina - I drew her with the intent of colouring her but haven't got around to it yet...
Coin - Can't quite shake the image of Midshipman Blakeney from Master and Commander.

Myria LeJean - I am really not good at st
unningly beautiful, so I based her heavily on Angelina Jolie, who would be perfect for the part.
A Better One - Yeah, like the title says.
...and her Hired Rock - Always have backup when dealing with the nearly insane.
Speaking of Which ... Ms LeJean goes insane. I love the wording of her description at this part ... no drawing can do it justice.
Ronald Soak
- Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse and master dairyman.

¤ Grag Bashfullsson - Spelled his name wrong but I like the rest.
¤ Bashfullsson sketches - Moving him around
¤ Here's Your Cow - What might have happened ... (well, no, but it's fun to think)
¤ Sybil - She reminds me forcefully of my former roommate but I'm terrible at caricaturing people I know. This is an attempt. This one is slightly more successful.
¤ A.E. Pessimal - I had an astonishingly clear picture of him in my head but struggled to get it down on paper.
¤ Young Sam - 'Da!' ... not quite what I intended, but cute, I guess...
¤ Thudoodles - Drawings that populated a sheet of paper at work, which kept them from actually showing up on production artwork
¤ Ducky Blanket - Vimes shuffles down from young Sam's room to find his wife talking with some watchmen late one night.
Sally - Newest member of the Watch
Dark Dwarf - With handy flamethrower
Dark Dwarf II - Posing with handy flamethrower
The Eye! - A bit of a crossover here: The sign of the Summoning Dark can also be a visual depiction of the course of A Series of Unfortunate Events – the plot turns in a full circle, centered on a mysterious eye insignia, then meanders downhill.

William the Bloody - It's actually a bit of an inside joke as to why I chose this particular scene to draw and colour, though of course it had to be coloured otherwise it wouldn't communicate. This after the ... er ... scene ... with Mr. Pin. I never really had a clear image of what Mr. deWorde looked like so I had to consciously create one on paper. Something about him reminds me of John Cleese.
A Word from Mr Goodmountain - William gets some valuable and frank advice on dealing with Vetinari from his Dwarf colleague.
Some more Williams - I picked William as a character to work on in order to really refine the design ... here are some drawings in that process.
Triple-crossover Gag Sketch - Inspired by the scene where William gets in the way of the press and ends up with a giant R on his forehead, with guest appearances from Haruko and Rimmer. Panels: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5
Sacharissa - A beautiful face that's a couple hundred years out of style.
Dangerous Sacharissa - Never get between a girl and what she —ing wants. Especially if you're Ronnie Carney.
Otto Chriek - 'Be smiling, please!'
Otto turns on the Charm - Sunglasses = coooool, man.
Unhappy Hogswatch - Otto returns from some errands to find the Times office ... not as it was.

¤ Otto, Boxing - or prepared to, at least, in defence of William.
Mr Pin - Based heavily on Paul Kidby's, with a dash of whoever played Mr Lush in the recent BBC adaption of Daniel Deronda.
Drunk Charlie - I forgot to tie him to his chair, but I don't think he's noticed .
Lord DeWorde - William's father ... y'know, after the whole Patrician debacle, he could have a career on American political talk shows.

. . .

¤ Nobby - Finally got a design I like (one I like better than Paul Kidby's even) ... haven't done much else with him yet.
An Earlier Nobby - Out of uniform, in Guards! Guards! I have had great trouble trying to capture Nobby (appropriate...) but this one was sort of on the right track.
¤ Mort - An attempt to make him not look like Ron, before Ratatouille came out with the main character being a perfect Mort in every way.
¤ Ysabell - Kind of ...
¤ Maurice - of the famous Educated Rodents. The 'radio movie' is fabulous, if you ever get the chance to listen to it.
¤ Frightened Maurice - Obviously having seen something disturbing...
¤ Maurice, a Rat, and the Stupid-Looking Kid - just messing about.
¤ The Wintersmith - as he hands Tiffany back her necklace.
Podophobia - in The Science of Discworld III, time travel can cause all sorts of side effects, and one wizard comes back from Victorian England with a morbid fear of feet ... unfortunately there are two of them stuck to the ends of his legs.
Lupine Wonse - Upon closure of the meeting with the heads of guilds, after the dragon's coronation i
n Guards! Guards! The description there really tickled the occipital lobe and I'm not entirely sure I got it right, but it's something.
Vimes - For a long time, I thought it was Bruce Willis who I pictured in my head when I concentrated hard on Vimes, and that didn't feel right ... then I realized it was actually Richard Dean Anderson (known to me via Stargate SG-1, the show I now call Vimes in Space) and suddenly all the pieces fell into place.
Another Vimes - Drawn before the epiphany mentioned above ... he also looks about 70 years old here.
Lord Vetinari - Inscrutable as always. I really like Paul Kidby's version of him, as you can probably tell, but it seems to be deficient in the chin-ly area. So I changed it a bit, from memory.
Wuffles - There's "Vetinari's Terrier" and then there's Vetinari's terrier. This is the latter.
Agnes Nitt - Inside every fat girl is a thin girl and a lot of chocolate. Mr. Kidby's take on Agnes is one of his few that I disagree with.
Agnes and Vlad - There's a scen
e in Carpe Jugulum that evoked a real feeling of space and atmosphere ... someday I have to colour it so you can see what I see.
Angua - This is only my second drawing of her. I read Feet of Clay and The Fifth Elephant before Men At Arms so I didn't know she was supposed to have a cascade of incredibly bounteous hair. The image you see here is firmly lodged in my brain, there's no hope of changing it now.
Angua (version 1) - You'd hardly suspect that, once a month ... (again I apologise for the lack of overflowing canon tresses)
Carrot - Who doesn't love Carrot? Here he is in Jingo, fresh off a ball game with some unsuspecting at-risk street kids.
Ponder in Lancre - Mr Stibbons has stepped in something rural.

. . .

The BROMELIAD (a.k.a. Truckers, Diggers, and Wings)
Masklin and Grimma - "Then get out there and lead!"
Masklin - I drew this in 2001 and it's still one of my favourite drawings ever. The Thing is way too big, the lighting is confused, there's not enough weight on the pistachio foot, but ... it's just so there.

. . .

Aziraphale - I've been trying to draw him since I first read the book, and have always failed. Finally! Something approaching success!
Earlier - A head shot ... starting to get there but looking too much like Jacques Snicket, methinks.
Angel in the Rain - Done less as a character design and more as just trying to figure out how an angel would shield himself from the rain.
A.J. Crowley - Looking far too wholesome. I don't really have the hang of the 'bad boy' thing...
Crowley, take two - Looking slightly more like Jack Nicholson. (Not what I intended, but definitely less wholesome.)
Ligur and Hastur - Champion lurkers, and Dukes of Hell. I really wish their descriptions didn't so perfectly match Horace and Jasper from 101 Dalmatians.
An Offer He Can't Refuse - Ligur and Hastur give Crowley his next assignment.
War - Wicked! I started colouring her one day, then I lent my tablet to my roommate, and haven't had enough time at home to justify getting it back yet.
Famine - I know this goes entirely against the description in the book, but I can't help picturing him as a very square-jawed, well-fed businessman ... probably due to the irony of it all.
Pollution - What a great characterisation. I hope I did it justice.

Johnny - Johnny's similar to Moist in that he's got no defining features (he's the one you don't remember) but different in that he was a lot harder to get down on paper. I think I like the one at the bottom right the best ... or maybe I don't.
New Johnny Doodles - Drawn while procrastinating at work ...
Kirsty - The girl who wins everything because winning is what she does. She's kind of like Hermione except ... more so. She goes to a school for the "terminally clever."
Runaway Trolley - Johnny tries to steer Mrs. Tachyon's Time Travelling Trolley* down a hill and through traffic.
Wobbler - So called because when he walks, he wobbles. Wobbler is in a perpetual war against anti-piracy software, and so far he's in the lead.
Yo-less - He's 'technically black' but never says 'yo.' He's the only person in school to actually wear the uniform and wants to be a doctor if he grows up.
Bigmac - Probably named after his coat and not the burger, but you never can tell. The fourth member of Johnny's 'gang,' he wants to be a skinhead and join the army but doesn't like it when he's really shot at.
*There's a merchandising opportunity waiting to happen.


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