Redwall was a major obsession for me when I was in middle school. Recently I've revisited it and found it nearly as enthralling as I remembered, which, of course, spawned some artwork. I gave up on it when I realised I don't know anything more about what otters, mice, and badgers actually look like than I did in Grade 9, so until I can find a few good books or a natural history museum, the pictures remain pitifully few. I maintain, though, if someone offered me a deal where I got to make any movie I wanted, it would be Mossflower. As much as I love my other book obsessions, I know there are people who would film them better than I would. But Mossflower...

Matthias in the Cave - from Mattimeo (as are most of these pictures), when he uses Orlando's axe to open an air vent. The description of the fresh air was very evocative.
Slagar (rough) - My favourite so far. Evil as he is, Slagar is fun to draw ... or would be if I could get his design right.
Slagar (tight) - not nearly as good. This is what happens when you get carried away with making things look nice.
Three more Slagars - Experimentation
Orlando (rough) - Once again, the thumbnail is the best....
Orlando (not rough) - ... compared to this one. (yurgh)
Tsarmina - I know the popular image of her is a lean, lithe villainess, but I have always pictured her with much more stocky power. Oddly, the closest I've ever seen to my version is Lady Groan from the Gormenghast miniseries.
More Tsarminas - A few more tries. The snarling one betrays my Silverwing training.
Lady Amber - Luckily, there are squirrels where I live. This leads to a bit more confidence in the design department.
Lady Amber - A full-body shot this time.

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