Table Of Contents:


  • What Is Class of the Titans?

  • What is the purpose of this FAQ?

  • How Accurate is this FAQ?

  • How can I get answers to questions not asked here?

Production and Releases

  • When are the Holiday Episodes "Bows and Eros and "See you At the Crossroads"  going to air in Canada?

  • I heard "See You At The Crossroads" aired in Australia. Where can I find a Summary?

  • Will the Show ever air in the United States?

  • When/Is there going to be a first-season DVD?

  • Is there a Second Season? When will it be released?

  • What are these "extra images" and "official fanart" that fans keep talking about? Where can I find them?

  • How often does the director update his blog/website? Why does stuff keep disappearing?

  • Will there ever be an official Class of the Titans Website?

  • Why are some lines and phrases heard in more than one episode?

  • Some old articles say that the heroes have been brought to "Century City". Is this the same as New Olympia?

  • So, Atlanta's really descended from Atalanta and not Artemis. Will the opening be changed in Season Two?

  • The animation for the giant ants and some of the monsters like the Minotaur seems a little different from everything else. Why is this?

  • I heard that there is a draft script for one of the episodes available online. Where can I find this?

  • What was the funniest thing that has happened during production of the show?

  • What major changes did some of the characters go through as they were being designed?

Standards and Practices

  • Why does Archie sink underwater while wearing a life vest?

  • Why are the kids not allowed to say anything more violent than "crap"?

  • Am I allowed to use icons or official art to create icons for my LJ or other web page graphics?

Show Trivia

  • Officially, what are the special abilities and powers of the 7 heroes?

  • What do the kids' rooms look like?

  • Who is the Director's favourite character?

  • Where is the city of "New Olympia" located?

  • Will the kids wear different costumes in Season 2?

  • Why is Archie's hair purple?

  • Is Atlanta actually a descendant of Artemis or Atalanta?

  • Will there be a prom episode where the kids dress up all formal?

  • How come some of the Greek Gods and Goddesses do not look anything like they do in mythology or other movies based on Greek myths?

  • We've seen winged horses on the show, but will we ever see the original Pegasus?

  • Some things in the show look like they are referenced from other shows and movies. Are these references coincidental or intentional?